Let BizPro IT take care of the rest!

Our Services

Bizpro IT Services provide a complete suite of IT services to look after your entire business. We can take care of everything so you can focus on running your business and not stress about things like Data Security, Updates and Patches, Email Management, Hardware Updates and Upgrades, Viruses and Alerts. Basical- ly, if it’s IT related, we’ll take care of it for you.


Full support for your network with trained technicians just a phone call (or email) away


Our systems monitor your network for issues, and alert us to them so that we can fix them proactively and without fuss.


A full encompassing data protection system. Antivirus, On-Premise Backup, Cloud Backup. We do it all.


Our professional services include replacing aging hardware with the newest and best systems, or even relocating your infrastructure to the cloud


Our Cloud Services are managed and maintained in Melbourne Australia. With Geo-Redundant backup systems.


As a certified reseller of Microsoft Office 365, we can design, implement and provide the best option for your business so you get the most out of Microsoft's Office 365 system.

We Use Best Of Breed Tools

Bizpro IT services partner with the best to ensure we can offer you a premium product and service. Our skilled staff will use our available partnerships to offer you quality hardware, software and peripherals to suit your budget.